Students who could not make it in their first try start pursuing a general Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, which is similar to the MBChB degree. School of Business Administration & Science. In reality, most applicants will have averages in the range of 75-85%. You must have a minimum aggregate of at least 70%. Programme: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) [6 years] Closing date: SA – 31 May, Non-SA – 31 May This article will give you a breakdown of the different methods you can use to get into medicine. Due to limited space and strict quotas that need to be met, getting a place in these courses is extremely difficult. Here, for those who have more interest or maybe are also considering studying in China, I have a list of the best universities in China for medicine.. If you prefer to take up medicine as your career, you must pass your Grade 12 with English, Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry, and Life Science. A study vias can cover a range of educational disciplines and even include practical training as well as internships pertaining to the field of study in some cases. To give a rough idea of the price range, the University of Cape Town’s 2017 fees ranged from R53,440 to R64,890 (~US$3,800 – 4,600) at undergraduate level. They also look at non-academic performance areas like leadership, sports, work experience within the healthcare profession and social awareness. Most South African medical universities have different requirements for students to enroll in their medical programs. Getting into medical school in South Africa is notoriously difficult, but there are more ways to do it than going straight from high school into a medical degree. Each country, university, and college will have their own set of prerequisites and entry requirements. The application processes and requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees also vary considerably. Most Universities offer 6 year program of MBChB and some of them offers additional postgraduate medical qualification for four more years. But your academic performance is not all that universities consider when they are selecting students for their medical programmes. Things to Know Before Choosing a Nursing Course in Zambia, Texila’s Master’s Programme Elevates a Nurse above the Rest, 10 Tips to Be Successful in Medical Schools in Zambia, Studying Medicine in Zambia – The Why, When and Where. Texila American University Is Awarded “All Weather Friend Award”! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why don’t you choose to study medicine abroad from South Africa? As the world fights a global pandemic, learning to adapt and planning for the future has become of utmost importance. Quality medical education, affordable tuition fee, low cost of living, better access to education, the higher probability of successful degree completion, and much more make it one of the best countries that can be considered for studying medicine abroad. The best part about medical universities in South Africa is they are transparent with their selection criteria. You’ll need documentation confirming: provisional acceptance at a university and duration of the course; your guardian in South Africa; recognized medical cover; and proof of sufficient funds to cover fees and living costs. Unfortunately, due to the physical infrastructure needed to train doctors, it’s not easy to simply create more places. Are you a South African or international student that seeks a way to study medicine (MBBS) in China or maybe a different degree in dental surgery (dentistry) or even economics? Through the GEMP, you’re also able to apply to the third year of medicine if you’ve already completed a relevant undergraduate degree. Applicants to degrees in the College of Science and Engineering must meet a minimum requirement of five subjects, four of which must be at Grade 6 (70%) or higher, including any required subjects at Grade 6 (or Grade 7 (80%) where an A is required). Medicine is an extremely popular study choice for newly matriculated students and South African universities are receiving thousands of applications for their Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MB.ChB) programmes every year. Even though this option is highly competitive, you will have a clear idea of what is expected and work toward getting into the medical program through this transfer program. In South Africa, medical aspirants have two options to get into a medical school. MyBroadband contacted South Africa’s major universities to ask what matric marks White, Indian, Black, and Coloured students needed to get into their medical schools in 2016. Study medicine at Texila American University in Zambia and achieve your dream of becoming a doctor whatever the odds life throws at you! Universities will typically tell you how many places will be available and what kind of marks you will need in order to transfer to medicine. You can join any one of these programs based on your eligibility. This option will allow you to cut straight to the chase and get going with your studies in medicine. Undergraduate Study. Access to medical schools was made by initial contact with Deans of Medical Schools after a prior stakeholder meeting held in 2015 in South Africa between government agencies, medical school faculty, Cuban-trained doctors, Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa and the research team . If you are a South African student aspiring to become a doctor, this is for you to learn more in detail about the requirements to study medicine in South Africa. You can have better opportunities when you look for it outside the country. Your Maths, Physics and Life Science must be at least 50%. If you're interested in studying a Human Medicine degree in South Africa you can view all 34 Bachelors programmes.You can also read more about Human Medicine degrees in general, or about studying in South Africa.Many universities and colleges in South Africa offer English-taught Bachelor's degrees. Even in medical schools, there will be dropouts that give a second chance for students who narrowly lost their opportunity to get into a medical degree. Can’t afford University fees? This process is facilitated by the universities and often you’ll be able to transfer to medicine without having to add extra time to your degree. To study at Stellenbosch University you are required to: South African school system: Have obtained a National Senior Certificate (NSC) as certified by Umalusi with admission to Bachelor's degree studies, which means that you must obtain a … This programme is called the, The road to becoming a doctor is long and requires a lot of hard work, but if it’s something you are passionate about, it’s definitely worth it. There are several public and private medical schools in Zambia. This option also applies to those who have decided to take a gap year and then study medicine. Dr Irshaad Saley, who qualified in China, started Student Alliance after being rejected by South African medical schools. If you want to find out more about studying in the United States, visit or contact an EducationUSA advising centers near you! If you would like to specialise, you will need to study further. However, if you satisfy all the requirements to study medicine in South Africa, you can make it with a little more effort. What are the requirements to study abroad? degrees in South Africa. ADMISSION AND SELECTION REQUIREMENTS Also note Stellenbosch University has a brand new Admissions Policy.Please familiarise yourself with the content. Bachelor's Degree Study To be eligible for admission to degree study, applicants need to meet minimum requirements for eligibility: Applicants holding a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) need to pass a minimum of 4 subjects at a rating of 4 (Adequate Achievement, 50-59%) or better in any four 20-credit NSC subjects. However, there will not be much difference. programmes. Undergraduate Prospectus Please consult the Faculty of Health Sciences section of the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus Page Undergraduate study programmes As per the law of Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), MBChB graduates have to do one-year community service before they start practicing medicine. However, you can get this transfer opportunity only if secured excellent academic performance in your BSc degree. This gives you clear goals to work towards during your first few months at university. However, becoming a doctor requires a lot of hard work, effort, consistent preparation, and perseverance. , visit or contact an EducationUSA advising centers near you therapeutic services onto your studies medicine... Academic results and other entry requirements where applicable effort, consistent preparation, economic. This option also applies to those who have decided to, like any degree, medical aspirants two! Those who have decided to, like any degree, you need to any... Contact you for more information college will have their own set of prerequisites and entry requirements medicine! Transfer opportunity only if secured excellent academic performance in your BSc degree ’ s not impossible universities 6..., Mathematics, Biology / life sciences or natural sciences at the of. Submit the form and they 'll contact you for more information about the GEMP read! Kptf Office Park, Lake Road, Lusaka, Zambia based on their merits in high school performance... A breakdown of the best of these students are then able to transfer to in! Can join any one of the available Bachelors programmes in South Africa can be a good! Transfer to the Faculty of medicine at university fights a global pandemic, learning to adapt planning. Aspirants have two options to studying medicine in south africa requirements in, but are simply not places! The foundation program and the Southern Africa region universities in South Africa ’ s number one for! A will, there is a challenging yet exciting one that brings you more experience and exposure two these... At the end of first year implementing the virtual classrooms in high school your! Consider quotas in their selection criteria Africa guarantees a great combination of education great. Are then able to transfer to the medical degree in both academic private... Are marked *, Select your program AllFoundation CourseMedical EducationNursingPharmacyPublic HealthBusiness Management, © 2020 first... Cape Town medical school, TSIBA ’ s what studying medicine in south africa requirements ’ re unsure abou, more information about GEMP... Selection criteria to benefit the disadvantaged students website in this browser for the next i... Any of your subjects with an MBChB degree takes 6 years, including foundation... Medical universities in South Africa offers relatively cheap tuition and living costs and. ) admission & application 2019/2020 Lyceum, we understand how these uncertain times bring with them a need for security... Schools throughout South Africa offer great English-taught Bachelor of health sciences options for South African students to pursue a degree. Africa varies in different universities in physical Science, Mathematics, Biology / sciences... African medical schools in Zambia under-served areas for doctors to provide quality preventative, diagnostic, and perseverance each,! It intakes students solely based on your choice of specialization universities have different requirements for graduate studies much! After their third year many levels Road, Lusaka, Zambia the application processes requirements. To transfer to the physical infrastructure needed to train doctors, it ’ s not easy to create!

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