Fires eliminate vegetation that hold soil and rocks in place and charred ground may be unable to absorb water. After exploding six days ago in Yucaipa, the El Dorado Fire has ripped through about 13,600 acres and destroyed at least four homes as of Thursday. These fires were previously at 95% containment because uncontained perimeters were located in steep and inaccessible terrain. That means smoldering continues within the interior of the burn scar perimeters. El Dorado Fire narrative: The El Dorado Fire began on September 5th in El Dorado Park near Yucaipa, CA. 12:00 AM. All fire restrictions are listed on the San Bernardino National Forest webpage. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The fire has been active both the day and night due to dry and hot weather with no relative humidity recovery and very dry vegetation. El Dorado fire … CURRENT CONDITIONS Sept. 21: No fire activity occurred today in the Oak Glen, Yucaipa and Beaumont portions of the fire and is … El Dorado Fire Morning Update September 11 2020 El Dorado Fire Wildfire News – 9/11/2020. Evacuation orders are in effect for Angelus Oaks and surrounding areas. "We've experienced below normal precipitation and several heat waves over the last six months. Containment has now been achieved as fire in uncontained areas has reached natural features void of vegetation.Although full containment has been reached, the three fires remain in a status called uncontrolled. Stay updated as Cal Fire firefighters work to contain them, see wildfire maps, get damage reports and more. Check back for updates. Suppression repair of hand line, dozer line, safety zones and forest roads have been completed. The El Dorado fire, as officials are calling it, was first reported Saturday, Sept. 5, at the 37000 block of Oak Glen Road near El Dorado Ranch Park. Please know that the firefighters working in this area are monitoring this possibility very carefully. Falling rocks and trees remain the primary health and safety threat to personnel particularly along the steep slopes of the Hwy 38 corridor. Two additional Facebook Live events were held to answer questions regarding the fire. The fire is burning up the south side Yucaipa Ridge above the communities of Oak Glen and the North Bench area of Yucaipa. Over a 23-day period, the fire burned 22,680 acres in the Oak Glen / Yucaipa Ridge area and within the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area of the San Bernardino National Forest. News Latest Headlines ... Today the wind will transition back to an up-canyon wind at 8 to 10 mph gusting to 18 mph. "We're pleased to see this improvement, but we remain cautious," said Deputy Fire Chief Scott Howes. Update: El Dorado fire’s ‘low-intensity’ burn continues to Angelus Oaks, Highway 38 The fire stood at 17,892 acres and was 61% contained Tuesday … The El Dorado Fire continues to burn and as of Sept. 29, the wildfire has scorched 22,744 acres and was 93% contained. An emergency forest closure order for the vicinity of the El Dorado Fire was enacted on October 9 and remains in effect. Please do not call 911 if you see smoke coming from this area. Filter - control incident types displayed on map. CURRENT CONDITIONS: Overnight, fire activity was minimal on most parts of the fire. Crews will continue to work on felling hazard trees on or near recreational sites, trails and forest roads where needed. Fortunately today, the high elevation winds in the fire area are predicted to blow in the opposite direction back towards San Bernardino Peak. EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. — 10:15 p.m. update: All evacuation orders have been lifted after a fire between Highway 50 and Durock Road burned through 15 … Update: as of Sept. 11, the El Dorado Fire is at 13,715 acres is 31% contained. The El Dorado fire consumed 22,000 acres of forest and wilderness. The El Dorado fire remains at 95% containment. Three Canadian Fire Bosses and a Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) Water Scooper were also used for the first time in Southern California and were based out of Big Bear Airport & Lake. Firefighters are patrolling the highway for these occurrences. USFS fire officials and County engineers will be out accessing dangerous rock and water flow areas over the next 2 weeks. Due to very dry vegetation, very steep terrain and very hot weather, the fire has been extremely active.

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