Goa!!! That’s one destination that’s always been on the tip of the tongue when we think of planning a holiday. When we think of Goa, we think of music and parties and more so rave parties. But one thing that we wouldn’t have thought is how it gained its popularity. Well, let’s go back in time then. Goa was declared a state only in the year 1987 until then Goa was a union territory. Post 1987, Goa is the smallest state in India.

All you music (especially EDM) lovers, beach lovers, party lovers out there, did you know that Goa was a place for hippies and EDM was born decades ago and this was the place in India where people across the world used to come and enjoy. There were tourists who used to come and live for a year and few who used to head to different cities during monsoons. Goa was an ultimate place for EDM, party (full night parties), drugs, chillum and more. The aura of Goa was so different back then than today. People were free-spirited and they lived life on the beaches and wasn’t as commercial as it has become today. Goa was a paradise for hippies. Aren’t able to believe what you are reading right? Read on and you sure will.

‘Pictures speak louder than words’. This sure is true in case of Goa because you sure won’t be interested in reading when there is a collection of pictures that showcase the ancient Goa. While browsing about the History of Goa, I landed to on a page by isratrance.com that has photos from around the web. This page takes us back to the ancient days of Goa and shows us the raw side of Goa.

So let’s get started.

A full moon has always been a treat to watch. This picture of Vagator in Goa is taken back in 1976.


full moon goa

We all have heard about the full moon parties that used to happen in Goa. This is a picture of the second or third full moon party that happened in Anjuna Beach in 1976.



Flea Market has emerged from the past. This picture is of South Anjuna Flea Market, Goa in 1976.


This picture is of Full Moon Party (Morning) at Anjuna Beach, Goa, 1977. This was much before the invention of music system and DJs. Seems like this band had played all night and the party continued till morning.


Post party relaxing on the beach. This picture is on a Full Moon Morning at Anjuna Beach, 1977

goa old

That’s how the morning of New Year’s Eve looked like in Goa back in 1979

goa past

Beaches back then were so calm and serene most of the days unlike these days in Goa. This is a shot of Anjuna Beach, Goa in December 1979.

old goa beach

This picture was taken at the Chapora Fort in 1988.

goa party

A little chillum or rather a lot of chillum back then was no crime. A group of people chilling having chillum in Goa in the early 90s.

goa party style

Disco Valley is pretty famous in Goa

goa disco valley

I have handpicked only a few pictures from the album. But if this did interest you, please check out isratrance.com entire album.

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