Partying all night on a beach till you witness the most beautiful sunrise, is a party scene that you party animals would love. But is there a destination in India that you can actually do that? You are forgetting the good old Goa, my friend! Goa is a party destination right from way back 1970s. It was a destination that was a home for hippies. You will be surprised to know that the Goa in the older days was a much better place to party where people used to be lost in music and party and dance like no one is watching and also smoking up in public was quite normal. This place used to be a haven for music and party lovers. The whole craze of EDM started in the land of Goa.

Though Goa is the smallest state in India, it sure is the hottest party destination in India. Think of any kind of a party – indoor party, outdoor party, live band performing party, trance music party and what not, Goa has all of it in store for you. Let’s check few of the hottest party places in Goa, the hottest party destination in India.

Old School Goa Style Party

Though Goa has drastically changed over the past few years, there are still few hidden parts of Goa that still hosts underground parties and all night rave parties and yes, parties on the beach as well. This happens mostly in Vagator and Anjuna. These parties are not very commercially advertised, so ask around the locals or follow pages on social media of Goa Parties and you might just get lucky to witness this kind of a party.

Hill Top

If you are a trance lover then Hill Top is THE PLACE for you. Hill top as the name suggests is definitely located on a hill top in Vagator, Goa. You sure will never want to leave this place as you have the most psychedelic raves that happen out there. Come on a special day and you will witness a mind-blowing party that lasts for more than round the clock and I’m not even kidding.

Club Cubana

You can’t leave Goa without partying at Club Cubana and I literally mean that. This club is HUGE and is an open air having multi-levels to it, multiple dance floors, a pool and more. So, however crowded the club is, there is always room for more. The best part is yet to come. The club obviously has an entry fee but it offers unlimited drinks in your cover charge. But if you are a gang of girls then I suggest you enjoy your big party night on a Wednesday as it is officially a Ladies Night that offers free entry and drinks are on the house.


A recently opened but clearly once of the coolest places in Goa. This is for both music and dance lovers as this is a combination of a fine dine restaurant and a cocktail bar spread over five levels with a huge open-air dance floor. Deep house, techno and trance and played by some of the top DJs and musicians of the world. The interesting twist to the Chronicle is their cocktail menu.  

LPK – Love Passion Karma

The beauty of LPK is that it is located in between the backwaters of Candolim River. The waterfront of LPK is a sight that you can enjoy forever. This place is for all you Bollywood lovers, you can definitely show your dance moves in the indoor dance floor of this club. This sure is considered as one of the best clubs in Goa.

Nyex Beach Club

If you are night owl party animal, then Nyex Beach Club is the place for you as this is open till four in the morning with awesome electronic music. The beauty of this club is the view of the sea and it doesn’t stop there. You have the beach access as well. This club is a place for all the different kinds of group. For the indoor party people, there is an indoor club on the top (third) floor. For all you important and special people out there, is a VIP lounge on the middle floor. The outdoor lounge with a stage is on the bottom floor with access to the beach. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Tito’s Lane

I had considered to not write about the Tito’s lane but trust me leaving out the Tito’s lane is like leaving out Ice in an Iced Tea. The Tito’s Lane has clubs in line and is right before Baga Beach. You can choose from multiple clubs like Cape Town Café, The Bollywood Club, Kamaki, Tito’s Pub, Mambos, Ivy, Bottlebay, to name a few. Before the other clubs opened in Goa, Tito’s lane was the most happening place in Goa.

So after reading this, has the party animal inside you suddenly woken up? Partying in just one club is something all of them do, what say pushing it a notch? Going club-hopping to all the above clubs in Goa? Good idea, right? You should totally go all out in the hottest party destination in India, Goa. And on the note, Cheers!!

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