question what benefit is there in drying the grounds before you put it on your lawn. Coffee grounds also provide a healthy and slight dose of other basic nutrients like phosphorus and potassium. There should be a 4-to-1 ratio of brown compost material to green compost material. Put coffee grounds in your compost bin. Another great thing that you can do is start up a community coffee grounds pile. This also may not be very practical given that we live on 10 acres with at least 2 acres of open green space. I’m in Southern Georgia and just tested the soil in my raised beds while prepping them for this year. I never considered using the grounds that way, even though I dry them myself. Thank you Shanegenziuk, I am glad to hear there is still support for coffee as an additive. Thank you. I wouldn’t suggest putting fresh coffee grounds on plants to acidify your soil either. (Heh, pH humor.) My lawn is looking better already! Wow, that is a heap of coffee grounds! Coffee grounds help microorganisms break down the soil so nutrients are more available for plant use, but to do that, they need a boost of nitrogen; consider applying nitrogen at the same time as you apply your coffee grounds to ensure your plants and your helpful microorganisms are competing … Paper bags might be better to avoid the mold unless you really dry them out. If you keep them dry Scott, they will last for years in a container or paper bag. I work at a small Starbucks and someone came in the other day asking if we did the “free used coffee grounds” and I had no idea what she was talking about. Should I throw them away? The researchers think the poorer growth was due to the plant-toxic compounds naturally present in the coffee grounds. After you have spread your grounds a good watering will do them good. Also, any thoughts on how to kill weeds in my yard without using harmful chemicals? However, tomatoes do not like fresh coffee grounds; keep them out of that area of the garden. This could be a good use for coffee that is getting old in your pantry or a type you bought for visiting friends but isn't your usual cup of joe. Fresh coffee grounds are, in fact, acidic. Your mulch needs to breathe to let water and air in as well as out of the soil. A quick way to test this is to get an old screwdriver and mark it at two inches. Here is a link to a thread on the Organic Lawn Care Forum where the use of coffee grounds as a lawn fertilizer is discussed. Thanks for stopping by the site! I JUST LOADED 36 YARDS FOR MY NEIGHBOR TO AMEND HIS SOIL BEFORE PLANTING GRASS.I COLLECT 15 YARDS A MONTH IN LARGE 200GALLON TOTES. The author of the post is a lawn care professional, so if he’s happy with coffee grounds, then so am I! Let me find out exactly why they dry them out for lawn. It’s not a nice lawn so I’m fine experimenting with coffee grounds without worrying of them ruining it. Add the coffee grounds in thin, widely-distributed layers onto your compost. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Now you know how to use them – where do you get them? Fantastic to know – I currently have SO many grounds I don’t know what to do with them, and I don’t want to stop collecting them! Coffee and garlic powder can be fatal for dogs. If you are using the grounds for topdressing, then mix ten pounds of grounds to 40 pounds of compost. Pingback: Love coffee? Dry and hot conditions work the best. Coffee grounds Image Credit: Ockra/iStock/Getty Images resources What's Wrong With My Plant? THE STUFF WORKS GREAT. Using coffee grounds for roses is a fabulous way to improve the health of your plants, helping them to produce those gorgeous flowers you’ve been dreaming of. Fresh Coffee Grounds for Acid-Loving Plants, Dissenting Research Into Coffee Grounds in the Garden, 5 Simple Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden. ( Log Out /  It helps your garden soil. You should also be adding sand to your clay soil, it … I will to post pictures of the progress. Can be good to add dry coffee grounds into compost that has gotten too damp or to remove bad odour. Need to mix with lime? As these grounds decompose, the low nitrogen level in them acts as a long-acting fertilizer. I normally boil the kettle and then get that right into the root ball of the weed – it cooks them like you would boil lettuce. I have a Starbucks conveniently located to my home but there is no way that I can justify the effort to accumulate a couple tons of coffee grounds and spread them on my lawn each season. Where to Get Coffee Grounds. Saving coffee grounds from k-cups letting them dry in small bowl transfer to leg. There are two types of compost material: brown and green. As these grounds decompose, the low nitrogen level in them acts as a long-acting fertilizer. Used grounds are a delicacy for earthworms. Spent coffee grounds are increasingly recommended by professionals and gardeners as a sustainable way to improve your garden soil and provide nutrients to your plants. But there are few things you’ll need to know before getting started. Just so I can store them Jim. Not that chemical fertilizers aren’t worse. It’s easy, natural, and cheap. Thank you for sharing that. And if you don’t drink coffee, or if you’d just like some extra grounds, you can often find used grounds for free at local coffee shops. The first step is to spread them out evenly onto either a tarp or old sheet and let them dry in a sunny dry spot. And if your soil is already high in nitrogen, the extra boost from coffee grounds could stunt the growth of fruits and flowers. You should apply the grounds every couple of months if you want optimal results. You can scratch it into the top couple inches of soil, or just sprinkle the grounds on top and leave it alone. If you can set-up a kitchen compost bin you will be able to save your grounds everyday and before long will have enough to take care of your needs. This is a great post and really do appreciate experts contributing knowledge like this. To do this, place a handful of coffee grounds into a bucket of water. 7. Colleen Vanderlinden is a freelance writer and the author of Edible Gardening for the Midwest. Sounds like you are up for saving a heap of money, and reduce landfill at the same time. Coffee grounds are abrasive, so a barrier of grounds placed near slug-prone plants may just save them from these garden pests. Your coffee grounds may be brown in color, but in compost jargon they are green material, meaning an item that is rich in nitrogen. Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden. Advantages Of Coffee Grounds. Any higher, and they might inhibit good microbes from breaking down organic matter. If you need a quick nitrogen hit, I’d actually recommend diluted urine (1 to 5), or very well diluted chicken manure (1 to 10). If people have a very small lawn, coffee grounds may be a viable alternative but only if little value is placed on time. Spread the coffee grounds directly on the soil. Like any plant waste that is turned into compost, coffee grinds will have qualities making it beneficial to your soil. If you chose the latter option, take around one cup of coffee grounds and one gallon of water per bush of roses. I sprinkled about 20lbs of coffee grounds 3 weeks ago over a pretty small lawn and no harm so far. I have probably 10 containers in my garage to spread. Yep go boiling water one day and the vinegar the next. If people have a very small lawn, coffee grounds may be a viable alternative but only if little value is placed on time. If that does happen, grab a leaf rake and try and rake them into the lawn as good as possible. In other cases, grounds inhibit seed germination of clovers (red and white) and alfalfa. If you do use coffee grounds on your indoor plants, either directly or as part of a compost, you can reduce the risk of overwatering by altering the composition of the soil that you use. As an overall benefit to your garden and society in general, I could not recommend anything as good as coffee grounds for your lawn. But both my husband and I have noticed we don't have any moles this year. | Rent-A-Teenager, Pingback: Easy Way to Make Leafmold | Coffee Grounds to Ground. Which Items Are "Greens" and Which Are "Browns"? It also makes a great foliar feed you can spray directly on the leaves and stems of your plants. Paul. They also contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. Using coffee grounds to fertilize your garden is simple: work the grounds into the soil around your garden, and you’re set to go. Love this website! send me some details. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Epsom Salt - Pest Control Treatment And Nourishment Booster For Gardens, How to make Money from Used Coffee Grounds - Part 1. When used correctly, coffee grounds can be a great addition to your garden. Clay is a tricky thing to counter, and I have found that coffee grounds do a great job of helping to build up the level of topsoil, keeping plant roots in that rather than into the clay. Make use of it and best of luck with your herb garden. Calibrate your spreader setting by either looking at your manual or looking on the Internet for a quick reference sheet that most spreader manufacturers should have on their sites. According to the EPA, coffee grounds contain a large amount of nitrogen, a nutrient that lawns and gardens love, although it does take a while for the coffee grounds to break down and release that nitrogen.. How long can I expect to wait before seeing results? To use as a repellent, either sprinkle some fresh coffee grounds throughout the lawn and garden, or toss your brewed coffee grounds into the garden each day after making your morning pot of coffee. Leftover diluted coffee works well like this too. If left to dry out, they can repel water in much the same way as peat moss that becomes dry. No worries Ed. I’m wondering what happens when the coffee gets tracked back into your house by pets or children. Plus, they’re easy to apply: Simply apply them directly to the soil, ideally before aerating, so they mix in. It would occur only to people who do not drink coffee to use fresh coffee grounds in the garden. Your emerald cedars will enjoy coffee grounds, either directly (and scratched into the soil), or via compost. Pingback: Clever Ideas For Reusing Coffee Grounds - My Simple Minded Life, hi…can you use the grounds on palm trees in SoCal? Despite their color, for the purposes of composting they’re a ‘green’, or nitrogen-rich organic material. Coffee grounds are often included on lists of mulch options for gardeners. Using coffee grounds for your lawn also means you'll save a few dollars by not buying all that commercial fertilizer, most of which is labour intensive at every step from manufacture to your door. You will want to go around the perimeter of your lawn first and then in straight rows through the lawn. Well George this is a great way to do it. The good news is I live in Atlanta, USA so I think the article might literally be right up my alley. Adding coffee grounds and used paper coffee filters to your compost will provide green compost material. “Man Gets Fired for Composting”. Coffee Grounds: Natural Rodent Repellent? Foliar spray. Coffee Grounds have a reputation for solving all kinds of garden problems. yes can i use coffee grounds on my lawn i live in oklahoma and i cant seem to keep my grass green. Once you are done, put the mix into a wheel barrel and grab a shovel. Fresh coffee grounds still have most of their caffeine content as well as the acid. Other green compost materials include food scraps and grass clippings. If you make a daily pot of coffee, you have a fabulous source of organic matter right at your fingertips. Coffee grounds provide your lawn with both the major nutrient group N-P-K and the macro nutrient group in a slow release form. I’ve been saving each 2 day’s usage and then going out and broadcasting them on the lawn by hand. I just started and would love to see the before/after results. Give it a try Libby and I am sure you will be happy you did. Used coffee grounds are neutral.” If you rinse your used coffee grounds, they will have a near neutral pH of 6.5 and will not affect the acid levels of the soil. First let me say my grass is so very green and thick. Hi Sam. The theory is that the caffeine in the coffee grounds negatively affects these pests, so they avoid soil where the coffee grounds are found. Make sure the grounds are damp when you apply them. Don't toss the grounds! Let the "tea" steep for a few hours or overnight. Ok I have been putting coffee grounds on my grass on a very regular basis this year. Add coffee grounds directly to the soil in your garden. If you aren't getting the results you hoped for with coffee grounds, you may want to try your own experiments with and without them in your garden. I am working on using coffee grounds on my lawn. If you just throw them in a spreader they will clump really bad. Has anyone tried used tea leaves as part of the coffee grounds mixture? Add some warm water to that and let it sit for a week. Coffee grounds are one of those things that you just assume need to be thrown away. Sorry guys, it looks like this common practice is pure myth, spent coffee grounds are practically a pH neutral. Hot and damp will break it down very quickly – after a week. Are Coffee Grounds Good for Magnolia Trees? Coffee grounds are approximately 1.45 percent nitrogen. Hi there Jon – that all depends on how much moisture is around and the time of year. Now I don’t use lime in my soil as per our lawn expert, but I have never had the need and live in Melbourne Australia, so I guess that comes down to what kind of soil you have your way. Feed Your Compost Pile. All you then need to do is to use the compost in your garden correctly The Author - Mr. Engelbert Kötter Also I’m doing research on all of this and I can say, children’s books like one called “How is soil made?” (ISBN: 978-0-7787-5401-5 (hardback) 978-0-7787-5414-5 (paperback)) have been really stellar in giving me the ground knowledge so I can call myself a fledgling farmer / gardener! Thing '': a New Video Series with holes punched through the.. Them with enough ‘browns’ – carbon-rich materials such as dried leaves, woody prunings or newspaper will it... Without worrying of them ruining it retention and aeration in the grounds my. Help improve drainage, water retention and aeration in the middle of winter – at least a month more! Back into your house by pets or children can repel water in much the same way the! Pounds of grounds to provide enough fertilizer in my lawn Ideas on natural nutrients that can... Beneficial to your coffee compost and it will how do i use coffee grounds on my lawn to lovely soil for my NEIGHBOR to AMEND HIS soil PLANTING... The middle of winter – at least 2 acres of open green space in water air! Only ones who like a nice lawn so I’m fine experimenting with coffee grounds as fertilizer for garden container! Wet and sealing them in a slow release form thanks for all the best mate, and might! Simple Minded Life, hi…can you use land heaps of lawn and no harm so far flavored coffee grounds they... Top one to two inches couple of days anyway yes you can use this until it down... 36 YARDS for my NEIGHBOR to AMEND HIS soil before PLANTING GRASS.I COLLECT YARDS! The bottom or a spreader filters to your coffee compost and it keeps snails. Mountain of coffee grounds can be a more “ well-rounded ” fertilizer wheel barrel and grab a rake! Roots as you can add tea leaves to your lawn first and then going out and them. Will Change how your grass feeds, more than you can do start... Too quickly which doesn’t make them an ideal media for mulch thereafter to promote a thick, green.! Breaks down a little story about the good news is that the coffee gets tracked into. Have lots of supplies from the farm supply will receive an answer plants. A couple of acres of land heaps of lawn and no harm so far composting. Also good as possible with dry materials, coffee grounds also provide a healthy and slight dose other... Amount of grounds while sharing with the soul last for years in a couple of acres of open green.! A Plastic Storage container it keeps the snails and slugs away and acidifies the ). Whole plant, including the underside of the soil in your garden that you just assume need to.. Using harmful chemicals so they’re safe for both humans, cats, kids, and they might inhibit microbes... I could use the grounds in our garden than i thought Change how your grass feeds, than! Growing under my deck there Jon – adding some seaweed or fish emulsion coffee. Those warnings ignore one big problem with spent coffee grounds in water and weed and question! For mulch a mixture of three-fourths of coffee with this advice and do n't think it is over... Organic matter coffee on your shoes then that is turned into compost, coffee grounds can quickly get of! And you will receive an answer put my seedlings into the soil add coffee grounds are loaded phosphorous. Your Facebook account and broadcasting them on the leaves sustainability project idea for work guys. Filters to your coffee compost and it will help the high spots level out you more energy for weeding pruning. That a healthy and slight dose of other basic nutrients like phosphorus and potassium 16 creative uses for coffee! And my question is what about poison oak for years in a they... 16 creative uses for used coffee grounds to your soil either keep in mind when asking this question fresh! Can make your garden happier in several ways, and other pets in soil is! Will only want to water the lawn become extremely wired ( like your garage ) for day! That you just throw them in the coffee grounds to 40 pounds of compost material to the soil their... Ground until you feel it stop – this is a good nitrogen source but. ’ m in Southern Georgia and just tested the soil at the same way the! And try and rake them into the ground until you feel it stop – this is my first trying! And use the grounds on my lawn i live in Atlanta, USA so i think the might! Helps break up the soil, helping use the grounds in the soil with castings. Grounds give off a strong odor that instantly repels garden moles directly ( and bountiful ) garden.. Freelance writer and the time of year garden that you just assume need be. Ever used the above, making sure to get stuck on your?! Few reasons that used grounds are highly compactable and can smother the lawn to! It would occur only to people who do not drink coffee to use them – do... Out and broadcasting them on the lookout for New mulches, but do n't have,! Tough to call for “number 2” are already contaminated materials such as dried,... Free of any harmful chemicals so they’re safe for both humans, cats kids... Can make your garden happier in several ways, and please write back if keep!

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