Phuket and Bali are located a few hours’ flight away from each other and have much to offer to travelers of all kinds. These two locations are seen to go hand-in-hand with travelers visiting this part of the world i.e. South-East Asia. Even if you cover only these two locations, you can rest assured that you have covered some of the best that the region has to offer! So without much adieu, let us take a look at what these fantastic destinations have to present to the tireless traveler in you!


Phuket, Thailand: The Sun-Seekers’ Paradise

1. The Kata Noi Beach: A Well-Kept Secret

Kata Noi

So you’re traveling to South East Asia primarily to hit the beaches, right? Then let’s start there. This is the shore to hit if you’re looking for something a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the lively and electric Kata Beach. Head out to Kata Noi if you want to indulge yourself to some incredibly clear waters and quiet environs, apart from a couple of bars and massage parlours that are also present.

2. Tour The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Challong bay

This one is not for the “faint of throat”! Take a tour through the legendary Chalong Bay Rum Distillery that produces some of the best, most high end and cherished white rum in the region. It is being consumed by seasoned palettes across the world today. Along with the tour which will work up your appetite for the stuff, learn some cocktail mixing and unwind while you sample some of the rum!

3. The Big Buddha Will Take Your Breath Away!

Big Buddha

The Phuket Big Buddha is a towering 45metre high structure. Fashioned from Burmese marble, the figure sits atop the Nakkerd Hills that offer incredible views of the island of Phuket. Interestingly, the location itself is incredibly quiet, despite the throngs of tourists who visit it each year. The only sounds you’ll hear are those of tiny bells and dharma music.

4. Nai Harn Beach

Nai Haru

Now, you didn’t think we were done with beaches that quickly, did you? Well, we aren’t. Enter Nai Harn Beach a more vibrant cousin of the Kata Noi Beach. It offers the best of both worlds, i.e. nature at its unspoiled best and plenty of company this time around! Catch some Thai food here or do some souvenir shopping. Clear waters and soft sands are there for the taking too, of course.

5. Busy at the Top: Stroll to the Karon View Point

Karon view point

Situated just South of the Kata Noi Beach (no, we ain’t done with the Kata Noi area yet!) is the famous Karon View Point. Offering an unimpeded view of the Andaman Sea to one side and multiple West Coast beaches to another, Karon is famous for letting you take in all the ‘white sands and clear blue waters’ beauty that the region is famous across the world for!

6. Wat Chalong: For the Pious and the Curious

Wat Chalong

The high point of your visit to Wat Chalong will probably be the proud pagoda standing tall amid well-tended and quiet gardens. Wat Chalong has been open to tourists for over a 100 years now and houses a splinter from the bone of Lord Buddha amid depictions of his life story which decorate the inner walls of the Pagoda.

Bali, Indonesia: Paradise. Period.

7. Witness Mt.Battur Sunrise


Scale Mt.Batur to Witness the Sunrise Standing at a height of over 1700 metres, Mt.Batur boasts breathtaking views of the island at sunrise. This location is so legendary that Google has a service that tells you exactly when accurate down to the minute the sun is to rise over Mt.Batur each day! Key in “Mt.Batur Sunrise” and you will have this detail popping up on your screen the day before your trek up to the summit. Insider Tip: One needs to begin the trek typically at around 4am to reach the summit in time for the sunrise.

8. Catch All the Surfing Action at Padang Beach!

Padang Beach

Learn to surf here at the best surf camp in the region or watch as the professionals spin their magic their magic on the waves from your safe perch on Single Fin a triple level cafe that serves delicious Nalu Bowls (smoothie bowls a sweet and refreshing treat in the balmy weather)! Sluurp, we say! Check out the Padang Padang Surf Camp here.

9. Dolphin Watching! Need We Say More?!

Dolphin Watching

See Bali through the eyes of dolphins as you sail alongside these gorgeous creatures! This can be done off Lovina Beach in Bali. You may have to leave your place of stay as early as 3 or 4am depending on where you are put up. In any case, set off from the coast at around 6am to catch the dolphins at their energetic best at sunrise!

10. Rent Out a Charming Villa and Have the Time of Your Life With Friends!

Charming villa

Opt for a luxury villa in one of the quieter parts of Bali such as Sanur and enjoy everything you need to make your stay one of the best you’ve enjoyed. With amenities such as a sun lounging area, a patio lounge and cinema room, why, even a barbecue pit, you’re bound to head back home with a big, wide grin plastered all over your face!

11. Let the Sun Set on Your Day in Style!

Sun set

Not only should you catch sunset at Bali, but you should do it in style, given the number of options of how to do it! You’ll be thoroughly spoilt for choice! Catch it with the devotees at the Nusa Penida Temple or at the rock peppered and gorgeously different Yeh Leh Beach. You can even catch sight of the miniature waterfall at Melasti Beach if you wish to enjoy something out of the ordinary!

With that, we hope we’ve given you enough and more reason to hit Phuket and Bali this glorious summer! Cheers!